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The ERAQRA Committee

This is a list of the current members of the ERAQRA committee. You can reach us via

The Committee is split into executive members, block representatives and officers. Executive members are the Chairman, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. The Vice-Chair is responsible for estate maintenance, the Secretary for administration, and the Treasurer for finance. The officers are divided into those three teams. Each block also has one representative. The Committee is constitutionally limited to 16, but positions can be filled on a job share basis.

The Committee currently has some vacancies (including temporary positions while permanent members are on sabatical), and we also need people to work on subcommittees to help move projects forward. If you are interested in getting involved please get in touch. 


 Position Name  email 
 Chairman (rolling)Bob Farmer
 Vice-chairmanAshling Cullen
 Estates team
Sharon Keys
 Secretary and Web Team
Martin Lee & Mohamed Elgayar
 TreasurerMario Gousse
 Finance &  Accounts
Bob Farmer
 Meeting Management & Agendas
Shuvra Ray
 Communications (newsletters & reports)
Martin Lee
 Events OrganiserVacant
 Cumberland House RepresentativeLeonardo Rocha
 Tideslea Tower RepresentativesVacant
 Sark Tower RepresentativeMohamed Elgayar
 Granary Mansions RepresentativeMario Gousse
 Bendish Point Representative Ashling Cullen
Albert Point Representative 
 George Boyd

 Wyatt Point Representative

Martin Lee


With special thanks to...

We have had a number of committee members in the past without whom we would have been unable to achieve so much and grow so fast. So here we want to say a heartfelt thank you to:

Matt - for his work as treasurer and for setting up our first website;

Carla - one of the first block reps, who helped us get started;

Andy, Michael - ERAQRA's first secretaries, who set up the ERAQRA forum;

Steve - for his work on projects, for producing newsletters, and his committment to getting things done.

There are others too like Katrina, George, Hugh,Davide, and Marcus