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Online Questionnaire

On this page you can help ERAQRA improve its service to residents. Please fill on as many of the forms below as you can. Some of the forms (with square check boxes) offer you the chance of selecting more than one option. At the end you can add anything you feel we have missed out, and submit any comments you have.

All of the responses are anonymous. If you have any queries, or you would like to see the results, please contact

Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire.

2b) How old are you?
18 or under
19 - 29
30 - 39
40 - 49
50 - 59
60 - 69
70 - 79
over 80
3) Are you an ERAQRA member?
I am a Moat resident
4) Do you use the ERAQRA forum?
5) How many people live in your apartment?
6) How many adults and children?
one adult
two adults
three or more adults
one child
two children
three or more children
7) How long have you lived here?
less than one year
one to two years
two to three years
three to four years
more than four years  
8) Are you thinking of selling or moving in the next 12 months?
9) Have ever been the victim of crime at RAQ or in the local area?
10) Have your neighbours ever disturbed you with loud noise?
11) What do you think of ERAQRA?
ERAQRA is essential to RAQ
ERAQRA has done a good job
I am neutral about ERAQRA
I don't know enough to comment
ERAQRA has done a poor job
ERAQRA makes no difference to RAQ
12) What should ERAQRA concentrate on next?
How RAQ is managed
Fob recall
The Concierge Service
Social Events
Service Charges
Communication to/from Solitaire
Gaining recognition and funding
Closer links with RAQRA
Improve this website
Improve lobbbies
Parking enforcement
Organising special rates with estate agents
14) Should ERAQRA
email committee meeting minutes to members?
broadcast meetings on the website?
hold more general meetings?
hold 'open days'?
15b) Would you be interested in joining
the ERAQRA committee?
sub-committees looking at specific projects?
15c) Would you be prepared to offer your expertise to ERAQRA on an ad-hoc basis?
maybe in the future
16) What kind of activites would you be interested in?
Running club
Mother and baby group
Golf club
Book club
Amateur dramatics
Local history
Film club
18a) Regarding Solitaire: does it
do a good job?
do an adequate job?
do a poor job?
18b) Would you like to Solitaire to
tell you more about service charges?
improve telephone communication?
improve email communication?
reply to letters more quickly?
tackle problems faster?
have a stronger on site presence?
produce more newsletters?
If we've missed out any options in the questions above, or you have some comments, please use the box below to tell us about it.
If you have answered yes to questions 15b) or c) then please type in your name, address, and contact number or email in the box below.

Thank you very much.

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