Welcome to the website for Royal Artillery Quays



ERAQRA is a residents association formed in October 2005. It represents the majority of the residents at RAQ. The Residents Association was formed to:


·         represent and promote the interests of the residents of Royal Artillery Quays (RAQ);

·        work in partnership with the management company and with relevant local and national authorities to improve the quality of life of residents;

·        make recommendations to the management company and to relevant local and national authorities regarding services provided;

·        encourage participation and involvement of every eligible resident of RAQ and actively seek their views;

·        act as a forum for consultation on the management company’s policies and procedures;

·        encourage equal opportunities in all its activities regardless of race, age, gender, sexual orientation, disability or religion;

·        promote, support and encourage the setting up of community and resident groups;

·        actively promote itself and its achievements to the residents of RAQ.


Communication between members and the Committee takes place mainly through our electronic forum, where notifications are sent out and polls conducted, as well as minutes, photos and other information stored. The forum has consistently been a source of thriving debate and information exchange.


ERAQRA currently has 148 members, and membership is currently* increasing at a rate of one every seven days.


ERAQRA receives no funding and the Committee receives no remuneration. Instead, the Committee relies on the goodwill of Committee members, ERAQRA members generally and residents as a whole.


ERAQRA holds elections annually and positions are open to anyone with an interest in Royal Artillery Quays.


* increase in membership from 17 October 2006 to 17 August 2007